I Hate You All

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Hey Mona! Ooo Mona!

Ever since I first came to FCR and stood on the River End with my Dad I’ve noticed the existence of a particular kind of Norwich fan, that fan is the moaner.  It’s quite possible that other clubs have them as well, I wouldn’t know, but if they do I doubt they’re as whingey as our version. Or as ill informed.

When I got a bit older and started going to games with my mates one of the old paper Norwich fanzines, either LAOTTA or probably actually FCTW, had a cartoon strip called ‘River End Mona’ which was in my mind so accurate I couldn’t believe that someone else felt exactly the same as me when I read it, brilliant.

The problem went away when I graduated to stand in the Barclay, we were all more concerned with:

  • Singing.
  • Not getting crushed against a barrier.
  • Avoiding getting hit by coins.
  • Avoiding getting hit by phlegm.
  • Keeping down our half-time water burgers.
  • Knocking policemen’s helmets off (not a euphemism).

than moaning.

When the ground became all seater and quieter the moaner started to proliferate and with the influx of the post Premier League/Sky type fan, and the bizarre sense of entitlement they seem to have, has increased in such numbers as to be almost unavoidable.  The moaner wants it and wants it now.

At least then you only encountered it at the ground. You were with like minded friends during the week and in the pub beforehand and you were only exposed to the moaning masses when you got to the ground. Now if you follow the fortunes of City online in any way you can’t get away from ill-informed and one eyed moaning.

I’ve stopped looking (as much) on ncfc messageboards due to the amount of unreasonable, ill-considered moaning there is to read on there, twitter was OK for my Norwich news but I now have to avoid the #ncfc  hashtag because of all the moaning, I can’t look at Myfootballwriter because they have the #ncfc feed down the side of the page, and as for the Pink Un moanageboard… it’s like descending into the innermost part of the innermost circle of hell. Or The Queen of Iceni as it’s known. For the same reason I can’t listen to Canary Call anymore due to the loudmouthed drivel I hear spouted on it (some of the callers are awful too).

I have nothing against people having a different opinion than mine, I’m not right all the time and have been wrong so many times in my life it’s not even funny anymore, as long as that opinion is formed with a little thought.

For example our club leadership has clearly stated on many occasions that they won’t risk the financial well being of the club in a massive gamble to stay in the Premier League so we never get into the situation we were in previously with the banks snapping at our heels and us staring at the very real possibility of going under.  Surely a sensible approach? We therefore won’t be signing players for £10m, or on massive wages. We can’t afford it at the moment. But the moaner doesn’t  seem to understand this. Some of the potential transfer targets I’ve seen put forward are so unrealistic as to be laughable, furthermore, the level of dissatisfaction expressed about the ones we have signed or been linked to also beggars belief. None of us knows what budget Chris Hughton has been given, or how his tenure will pan out, but some were calling for his head after one game for crying out loud. ONE GAME. I’d love us to stay up, but I don’t want us to risk the future of the club in doing so. I’d still rather have a healthy and financially self-sufficient club to support for me and my kids into the future and if that’s in the Championship then that’s fine by me.

None of the above would be that bad except for the fact that this negativity translates to the team. It’s great that you all come, it honestly is, we are much better supported in terms of numbers now than for many years, just when you’re in the ground support the team, we’re supporters, not detractors. How inspiring must it be for one of our players to be announced as an oncoming substitute only to be met by an audible buzz around the ground from a sizeable minority of people saying “ohnohe’sfuckernuselessandlazyandshitandi’dofgonetwoupfront”? Not very.

There, I’ve said it.

Thanks for reading, feel much better for that moan. What? Oh shit.

Richard Jeffery, who is entirely right. 


  1. Much agreed. All clubs do have these fans though, but you notice them much more when it’s your own team, probably down to a combination of shame, embarrassment and misplaced pride, I guess. But that’s probably just talking for me.

    I remember my early days in the River End. Can’t remember who we were playing, but Dale Gordon scored in the last few minutes to equalise 2-2. He had had a frustrating game and missed a few chances, but kept on and got his reward. Two old guys behind me steadfastly refused to join in the celebrations, one saying to the other “There int no justice”. It’s been going on for years.

  2. I always love how as fans we all know more than professional managers, coaches, chief executives, physios, etc etc. They’ve only had top training and decades of experience, whereas we the casual fans watch the odd game at Carrow road and read the pinkun. SURELY we must know better about who should be upfront? These managers are useless, HUNT GOTTA CLOO.

  3. Brilliant – spot on Holtamania. I always thought Upper Barclay was the worst for moaning!

  4. Oh how you have articulated what I have thought over several years!!

    It’s what I have to regularly put up with behind me in the Jarrold Stand. It’s also incredible just how the Pink Un message board etc have detriorated…


  5. Very good post. Have shared it on footyshare.com for you.

  6. People in the River End? Really? Thought they were cardboard cut outs!

    Agree with this article BTW, nice one.

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