The Diary of Captain Canary – Part 4

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Dear Diary,

My therapist has been telling me to write my feelings down, so I’ve started to write poetry. I’m afraid to sharing it with anyone else though. You’re the only person I trust. So here it is. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s what I’m feeling, yeah?

Please forgive me Jesus as

I never knew you well

She carried me to heaven before

I crumbled down to hell

I try to keep my cool

But sometimes I break down

It’s hard to be so happy

When inside there’s a frown

I surely am no captain

I cannot lead a team

I cannot lead myself sometimes

I wish it was all just a dream

She ripped the heart out of me

Shoves this canary down a mine

I’ll never feel the same again

Untill I know that she is mine

So please forgive me Jesus

For the way I numb the pain

The pills they keep on helping

Until I see her face again

I’m not sure if she’ll take me back

But it’s surely worth a punt

And if she tells me where to go

I’ll know she’s still a cunt.

C.C xx

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