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Stunning news. Amid all the nonsense, rumours, panic and comedy, these things come to mind.

  • I have it on reasonable authority that he, or mainly his family, are keen on moving back up North. It’s no surprise that he took a long time to move them down in the first place and they only moved into a new house recently, but it appears they haven’t settled well and have been looking at new houses for a while.
  • He’s 31 years old, and there will probably never be a time when he’s worth as much as he is now. I don’t know the sort of price he’d go for but it’ll only decrease from here on in, as he either has a poor 2nd season and/or gets old.
  • The timing is strange. Being scheduled to go on the radio this evening and suddenly pulling out suggests a sudden change of circumstances, such as a rejected transfer or contract breakdown. However, by all accounts there have been no clubs in for him yet.
  • Added to that, announcing this before Drury’s testimonial moves the spotlight away from Ads when it should be firmly on him. Also suggesting that something sudden has come up to force his hand.
  • Loyalty is a concept that is over-emphasised by fans and under-emphasised by players, managers and everyone else in the game. Fans are the blood of football clubs and never leave, but this is a business. If Holt thinks, at 31, that he has little time to earn money before he retires then he has to consider himself and his family. It’s not disloyal – he’s been with us for 3 brilliant seasons and more than paid back the money and support given to him. No one has given as much as he has. Norwich aren’t called disloyal when we release players at the end of the season, like with Zak or Wilbraham yesterday – it’s the same with players. It’s a business.
  • Anyone suggesting a knee-jerk decision to want a big club to improve England chances are, I think, off the mark.
  • He’s still a legend. Only player to win the POTS award three times, three seasons worth of goals, he is a huge, huge park of the reason we’re midtable Premier League and not League One still. Players move on. There was always going to be a day when he left – it might be sooner than we think.
  • It might be his agent pushing for a bigger contract. Rumours of our tight wage budget are well established and they may be pushing for a bigger wage now we’re established. Can’t rule it out, and with Norwich now being run much more like a tight ship, the prospect of offering much more for a striker in his thirties when we’re only about to enter our second Prem season may not be all that appealing to McNally and co.


  1. Yebbut… didn’t Grant Holt make you feel that maybe, just maybe, Holty was different? Well, I hope you did, you named a website after him! Putting in a transfer request now, when we’ve hardly had time even to enjoy another great season, makes me feel a bit sad. Blub.

  2. gutting…

    only a few days ago he was talking about how he’s planning to be one of the top 5 goalscorer for Norwich,even this morning he was doing the show with McVeigh and Drury,and then he drops the nuclear bomb and wants out?!

    very dark waters my dear watson…

  3. Quite the shock today. In some respects at least; thinking about it, it doesn’t appear so illogical but obviously something has been the final catalyst today to spring everything into motion.
    Will be weird if he does end up playing for someone else but hey what can you do at the end of the day he’s got to look after his and his family’s interests first. And after all WFLGH.

  4. That’s all well and good but the thing u have to remember is if it wasn’t for NCFC where would holt b now?? It’s a partnership between the player and club which should be honered by both parties 4 another season. If holt does really want to go then it’s best to let him go, otherwise his heart won’t be in it. :(

  5. I never thought this day would come. A true great one of the best this club has ever seen. I think it will be a long time before we see a player that has such an impact again. But if he dose decide to leave I do wish him the best in life. And the city of Norwich will alway love him forever. But if there is the slightest chance that he will stay I think that Paul lambert and norwich should grab it with both hands as it has took a long time and a lot of hard work to be back in the big time. It would be a shame to throw away are assets and make life hard before we have even started.

  6. Completely agree with Mania, let”s hope a compromise can be reached, Grant has to look after his family at this stage of his career, David has just as a bigger responsibility, he has to look after the best interests of the Club. otbc

  7. Just as you start to get settled into summer mode some brute of a forward makes your life a misery. Now we know what Terry, Carragher, Koscielny & Co felt.

    W still FLGH


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